Channel Management

The entire channel management process is split into 4 key components with domain expert resources handling each of the components

Panel Creation

Inventory and Demand planning

Order Management

Customer Management

Panel Creation

On-boarding to market places involves two parts:

A. Creating Brand equity

Brand equity involves Brand Name, logo, tag lines, etc. and ensuring  compliance with  trademarks and copyrights.

B. Statutory requirements

  1. Company Name
  2. KYC Documents
  3. Bank details
  4. Valid International Payment option


Inventory management is a critical function as out of stock means loss of sale.

In order to ensure stock outs are at a minimum, the following analysis and correctives are  carried out on a regular basis:

  1. Mapping Inventory to Orders rate
  2. Setting Re-order levels
  3. Daily Monitoring of Re-order levels and raising flags
  4. Shifting inventory across portals for better utilization
  5. ABC classification of Inventory


While most of the Order processing is automated by the various channels and the actual processing is done by the Fulfilment centers or Warehouses, a proper control over the entire process is mandatory as this is the most critical step of the entire eCommerce functioning and the only step where the process moves from Online to Offline and than back to Online.

  1. Daily Notification of orders received
  2. Near to SLA breach Order Notification
  3. Updation of dispatch details on panel if required
  4. Notification of Cancelled and Unfulfilled orders
  5. RTV monitoring


Customer management is an essential part of sales, especially in the case of eCommerce as the customer does not have a sales representative for  addressing their issues.

  1. Address all communication between the customer and you
  2. Reply to customer on the review page
  3. Answer product related questions that the customers post.
  4. Create the necessary action to resolve issues related to product quality, payments, etc.
  5. Softening the blow from an irate customer feedback with a pacifying reply.


  • Review Management
  • Identify consumer trends or gaps in product description
  • Increase Buy Box percentage
  • Resolve customer issues within 24 hours
  • Increase customer experience
  • Dispute reviews that are not product or experience related

99 Yrs Panel management systems navigate you through any weather in the eCommerce domain.

99 YRS