We manage your digital content

99yrs is equipped with trained staff, latest equipment and a proper understanding of various guidelines required in the industry. It has the capacity to handle end to end solution from products to media / channel ready content.

The 4 main services offered



Attribution , Copy and A+ Content creation



Product shoot, Model shoot, shooting with mannequin to create ghost images, Computer generated imagery and rendering, stop motion and 360 degree videos are some of the solutions offered.

Note on Computer Generated Imagery (CGI)

  1. Jewellery — It is very difficult to move Jewellery around for photography due to high cost and tough to handle due to delicate nature.
  2. Home furnishing – It is very difficult to create multiple sets and ambiance where product utility can be displayed or showcased. E.g Bedsheets displayed in bedroom.
  3. Furniture – Heavy products cannot be moved around easily. Also positioning them in various ambiance is not possible without adding substantial cost related to set creation.

 CGI is used to create various product profiles such as

  1. Still angles
  2. 360 degree rotations
  3. Product utilization or demonstration

Post Production

Back ground changing, providing clipping path, masking, color correction, image enhancement, video editing, providing effects, compositing are a basket of services provided by 99yrs in the domain of Post Production.

Retouching – Product, fashion, fashion accessories and Jewellery retouching is done by 99yrs. Retouching involves removal of dust, finger marks, creases and other blemishes on the product or the garment. Correcting the skin tones & postures, removal of moles and tattoos from the skin of the model in case of fashion all form part of this service.
Background changing especially creating white background for eCommerce is also done under this service.
Removal of reflection and shine especially in categories such as Jewellery, watches, sunglasses and treatment of cast, under/ over exposure etc. is also undertaken by 99yrs

Colour correction – Matching of product colour with that of the image is critical aspect of any color correction job. The same is done thru colour palette or by physically comparing the product with the image. Synchronization of the colours across various images of the same product is also undertaken to provide uniformity.

Clipping Path – Clipping path is provided along with background removal as per client specification. Adding drop shadows or reflections is also provided.

Ghost / Mannequin — Apparel presented with ghost effect adds so much more clarity to the presentation done on eCommerce cannel. 99yrs understands the intricacies of this process and can create ghost effects for apparel shot on mannequins, sheer fabric, see-through garments, sportswear etc. Ghost images can be created out of model shoots, thus allowing the use of images across various ethnic population without prejudice to any specific skin color.

Video editing – Editing of product videos , story board videos, time lapse videos and stop motion videos is done by 99yrs.


Attributes define the various characteristics of a product and range from color, shape, weight, material to technical specifications and even usage of product.  More detailed information is presented in form of copy either as short copy of around 50 words or long copy of 200 words or more.

A+ Content or Enriched content is creation of a detail digital product brocher and involves study of the product and the category it is placed in along with its benefits and usage. Such a digital representation of the product which has a mixture of text and images acts as a very informative guide for the decision making of the consumer.

A well-written, crisp, engaging, and sometimes even humorous content places the product in the spotlight in more ways than one can imagine. While factually precise and reliable information manages to garner customer trust, a neatly presented and quality content directly reflects the image of the website that is selling it.
The objective is to improve a brand’s ability to influence customer behaviour. Optimizing SEO related keywords further enhances the marketer’s overall efficiency and effectiveness.

Our writing team works in tandem with consumer requirements and dialects, thereby leading to a copy which resonates their perception.

Our Copy and Content services covers

  1. Product Page (Titles, Descriptions, Story, Feature / Bullet Points)
  2. Blogs
  3. User reviews/comments
  4. Expert Reviews
  5. Press Releases
  6. Buying Guides

Content is done by encompassing

  1. Language guidelines
  2. Brand guidelines
  3. Legal compliances


Textual content along with visual content needs to be compiled together to present information about a product in completeness and in a format that can be uploaded on any technical platform for display (eCommenrce sites inclu marketplaces and captive website) or storage ( DAM systems )


Quality Assurance (QA) of any content and especially of e-commerce content, specifically Product Catalogues, is challenging in terms of both, scale and quality. For an average online retailer, the QA cost constitutes nearly 30% of all content cost.

Very high content quality (98-99%) with even brand tone is the need of the time and can only be provided with a proper mixture of manual as well as technical screening.