Data Analysis & Consulting

Assortment Planning

We at 99yrs understand that for a manufacturer or a brand owner knowing what to sell is the most important of all the decisions that he has to make. There could be number of categories or sub categories within a main category and a wide assortment of products under this.

Not all will sell. Not all will sell at the first stage.

Analyzing what to sell on priority and what to sell as category builders is a critical action point.

Once having decided on what to sell, How much of that will sell further decides the primary assortment.

Getting the right assortment plan in terms of what to sell and how much to sell results in positive starting result and lays a strong foundation for the overall business.

Price Comparison

Setting the correct price is very essential to driving the right ROI while maintaining a fluent Rate of sale maintaining the right pressure on the inventory.

Prices need to be compared with similar products from competition with mapping across seasonality and trends. Price comparison needs to be done within the assortment too to get the right blend of value for money to consumer and a pricing harmony.

Data Analysis and Strategy Build up


Analysis of Sales, Customer reviews and pricing results in understanding the Business dynamics and hence leads to a better control.

Our reporting structure gives daily and monthly data and expert analysis of data results in highly accurate decisions.