Amazon eCommerce Market
Amazon eCommerce Market

Ecommerce is taking a significant share of the total retail sales – about 13% in the previous years. When we consider the Amazon eCommerce market, it continues to take a larger portion of the share. As per the latest reports, almost 42% of online sales happened in some previous years. Moreover, the platform accounted for 37 cents approx. for every dollar spent in the USA.

Amazon Marketing Services are popular as the platform has attracted much viewer’s attention. You can see the same in the below graph:

Market Graph of Amazon
Market Graph of Amazon

A number of factors impact Amazon’s power within eCommerce aura and the broader retail industry respectively. They include one-day shipping by Amazon Prime from 2019. Further, streaming services discounts and other benefits helped Amazon to reach the top. Moreover, Amazon allows a brand to expand its target market.

The Enormous Numbers Behind Amazon’s Market Reach:

Amazon has a unique market position in the retail space. This has helped the US eCommerce industry to grow well. For instance, the consumer spent was $.514 billion with US merchants in the year 2018. This was almost 14.2% up from $. 450 billion of 2017 as per the reports. Furthermore, the other reports revealed that the Amazon Marketing platform sold $189 billion in the year 2018. Moreover, the sales number was achieved with the help of a shopping app as well as a brand eCommerce site. It was a 23% jump from the year 2017.

The conclusion is the Amazon roughly holds 37% of the total US retail online sales. Whereas, the eCommerce platform holds 55.4% of the total USA eCommerce income. In the broader context, Amazon earned 5.2%  of the total US retail sales.

This was the entire numbering game. Now let us look at the global brand value of Amazon from the year 2006 to 2019.

Amazon Statistics
Amazon Statistics

Just like any other eCommerce consulting platform, Amazon too had its ups and downs. Amazon Marketing platform saw minor changes in the total brand value growth from the year 2006 to 2015. However, post-2016, the brand value soared. Furthermore, as per the reports of 2019, Amazon’s brand value is approx, 316 billion US dollars.

Reasons why Amazon is the king of eCommerce:

When it comes to the eCommerce sector, the Amazon eCommerce market is ruling the fields. Known as the pioneer in the eCommerce sector, Amazon focuses on work effectiveness. Moreover, it is renowned for its magnificent range of products and services. Likewise, it is a very well-synchronized global eCommerce platform. Brands worldwide make use of the Amazon Marketing Services on a large scale.

As per the recent reports, Amazon is dominating the global eCommerce due to a number of reasons. Now we will look at the reasons why Amazon is the king of eCommerce?

  • Personalization:

Amazon the brand itself is at the zenith of success because of the personal touch that it gives to the users. The platform is indeed user-friendly and gives the A level of shop experience. Hence, customers feel honored and they frequently visit the platform for purchases. Whereas, a brand can perform Amazon Listing Optimization while promoting the products and services. Moreover, the platform ensures to beat every competitor in terms of personalized touch and experience.

  • Consumer Service:

Amazon has been constantly trying harder to provide the best customer service ever. The company understands the needs of the customers and strives to fulfill their needs and demands. Generally, more than 60 percent of the global brands are willing to promote their products using Amazon Marketing Services. Moreover, Amazon stands on the position o Apple as well as Google.

  • Benefits:

Amazon as a brand is enjoying a swinging victory in the fields of global eCommerce as well as marketing. Moreover, Amazon is always providing a lot to consumers like a two-days free shipping facility, simple access to the streaming service viz Amazon Instant Video. Additionally, Amazon allows consumers to read and borrow books from the famous “Kindle”.

  • Innovation:

Innovation and creativity are the main focus things for the Amazon brand. Also known as the pioneer in the eCommerce, Amazon has drastically improved its services in the last few years.

These reasons indeed make Amazon eCommerce market, the King of the global eCommerce market. For more such updates on the Amazon eCommerce market, you can connect with 99 YRS eCommerce consultancy.

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