In the era of advanced technology, businesses have experienced major changes. People nowadays have started defining satisfaction and convenience in a true virtual way. Nowadays, customers and users have smartphones in their hands where they are easily able to go through several items at a click. They can get the best items and hence, they can select the best from the list. And one of the products that users frequently browse online are clothes or fancy apparel. Here, eCommerce consulting firms have a golden opportunity to grow sales. There are also many things a customer browses. Nevertheless, fashion and lifestyle clothing grab the top place in the E-commerce industry across the globe.

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How eCommerce is Changing the Fashion industry?

Retail brands and eCommerce consulting businesses are updating. They adjust their business structure as per the latest eCommerce trends. Therefore, this term has gained much prominence.

Ecommerce is a powerful engine of growth for the companies:

The business of selling apparel and clothes online has become a bit complexed. Furthermore, social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and lots more have their own shopping functions. Therefore, fashion brands are able to make well-framed sales strategies. Moreover, they can adopt changes from this sector. eCommerce is changing and hence, eCommerce consulting firms make use of multiple channels.

People visit various sites for reading blogs to getting images on Pinterest and from Facebook to other shown shop sites. Moreover, Instagram provides the finest shopping tool within the app. This is why eCommerce is complex. Nevertheless, a brand has more channels to market their products.


The previous few years were victorious for the eCommerce sector. This was possible due to the increase in sales to 12% which is a good score. Therefore, we can say that the sector is growing at a faster rate. Moreover, the value of online players is more than those of retails. When we consider the online Fashion segment, the percentage has risen up to 58% in some years. Out of every 1,000 online brands, more than 265 are the fashion brands. Likewise, more than 55% of customers are purchasing fashion goods via online platforms.

2019 Fashion Ecommerce Trends to be focused:

In 2019, fashion brands are trying their best to excel well in ever-growing eCommerce marketing services. And in such a crowded and competitive space, the top brands are solely focusing on the prevailing trends to fetch better results. Here are some of the top fashion eCommerce trends of the year 2019:

  • Rise of Experiential eCommerce:

The 2019 fashion trends say that top eCommerce fashion brands are smartly investing in augmented reality technology. This trend helps a customer to try clothes in the virtual fitting room. This is the best way a customer can find out the best size of the clothes. Moreover, this gives them a chance to share their valuable reviews about the product.

  • Fashion eCommerce is becoming personal: 

Understanding the type of customer becomes the first step that gives a brand an opportunity to provide them with the right product at the right time. Ample of tools are available to understand the type of customer and this helps a brand to create a better shopping experience in a personalized way. Fortunately, 75% of the customers are sharing their reviews in a personalized messaging way.

  • Mobile becomes the standard:

With smartphones in the pockets, users are browsing and making purchases on their phones. This is making a positive impact on the fashion eCommerce industry. Moreover, a fashion eCommerce consulting firm is creating a customized and mobile-friendly website and these websites provide optimized page layouts for smooth scrolling. Users are finding it an easy and time-saving option to make a purchase on mobiles.

  • Its time for Instagram:

Indeed, strong social media channels like FacebookInstagram, Twitter, Pinterest are gaining recognition in the business world. Whether it is a perfume brand, a medicine brand or a fashion brand, everyone has a strong online presence on social media platforms. When it comes to a fashion brand, Instagram is the central hub for them.  Brands can create strong content and powerful user-generating marketing strategies to boost sales. Moreover, they can approach the influencers and lifestyle bloggers to increase page following massively. Native Payment Integration option in the Instagram app has made the purchase easier.

  • The sharing economy into the Fashion sector:

Services like Airbnb, Ola, and Uber leverage technology so users find it easy and affordable to book their journey or a room to hire. This trend now available in the fashion industry. Fashion services like Rent-the-Runway platform enable customers to hire the clothes on rent for a specific time.

Final Words:

By leveraging powerful technology, fashion eCommerce consulting services are finding to encourage online shopping. Moreover, they are trying to encourage user experience via their website and app platforms.

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