A brand is a “dog eat dog world” kind of element, and not standing ahead can be a disaster. When it comes to staying ahead of others, there is a big figure your fingers want to touch. Here, eCommerce comes into the picture. eCommerce or eCommerce consulting is growing every year. Moreover, the estimated sales were $3 trillion in the previous years.

Monitor eCommerce trends for growth. Further, analyze the trends and try to implement them into the business. If not followed properly, the sales campaign may fail. Therefore, it is better to always have a look at the latest trends.

Trends for eCommerce:

1.The rise of the second-hand market aka “re-commerce”:

Call it by any name, eCommerce, “re-commerce” or any random name. The online markets have never been enough for the used products. Moreover, as per the data, the “re-commerce” market is going to explode in the coming years.

Global eCommerce
Global eCommerce Trends

Further, a lot of factors play a major role in this trend:

  • Focus on sustainability
  • Need to be ahead and updated in fashion and similar sectors
  • Provide daily used products at nominal rates

As we move forward in the year 2020, the market for reused products will slowly grow. Moreover, niche platforms like Poshmark and Facebook Marketplace deal in second-hand goods.

2. Increase in Social Shopping:

In the previous point, we had mentioned the Facebook market for second-hand goods. Now, let us talk about social shopping. eCommerce consultancies make use of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social websites to sell. Moreover, YouTube is preferred to sell items. Further, they have special features like discount codes, explore more and buy buttons.

Also, social commerce is combined with eCommerce to offer unparalleled benefits like:

  • Increase customer trust
  • Growth in user base
  • Smooth checkout process and modernized shop technique
  • It allows clean communication between users and the brands
  • A creative way to sell effectively
  • Saves time

Apart from Amazon Marketing Services and Google Marketing services, you can always opt for this technique to sell effectively.

3. Chatbots and AI Assistants:

Chatbots and AI
Chatbots and Artificial Intelligence

In the coming years, robots and chatbots will be used in the eCommerce stores. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and chatbots are currently used to enhance shop experience. Moreover, chatbots and AI can handle all types of tasks assigned to human beings like managing total inventory, creating marketing campaigns and much more. Further, retailers can create a personalized shop. Chatbots and AI save costs and time.

4. New Payment Options:

One of the main things to push a user to buy a product is payment options. The more the payment options, the more chances a buyer will buy. Moreover, brands are using digital wallets like Samsung Pay, PayPal, PayTM, Google Pay over cash or credit cards.

Explore more payment options to simplify the shop experience.

5. Go Video:

Go Video

We survive in a tough world of influencers and they make use of videos. Therefore, using videos at the basic level of eCommerce business can boost sales greatly. Furthermore, video can be used for many purposes like lead generation, brand promotion and lots more. It increases engagement in a considerable way.

So, there we have it, super five quick eCommerce trends to get a step ahead to the next year. Whether you decide to take one or all the five steps, ensure to grab that figure you have ever dreamt of.

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