Amazon Marketing Services (AMS) is fast emerging as one of the most effective digital marketing services after Google and Paid Social media ads.

These ads or campaigns as they know result in quick ROI and directly affect the sales. They also can result in a huge drain on the budget if not planned properly with spends far out stipping the revenues.

Below we mention 14 key points for successful Amazon Marketing Services campaigns:

1. Amazon Marketing Services campaigns are primarily for sales. You have to perform a campaign if you want sales. You cannot run campaigns if you do not have a stock Period. So when you design your campaigns just keep sales in mind and back it with good inventory

2. Amazon Marketing Services campaigns are not stand-alone action points. Great campaigns need to be supported with great content. Campaigns bring customers to your page. Content makes them buy.

3. Start with Auto campaigns and harvest keywords. Amazon does a good job of identifying keywords in your content and displaying your products for the required search result. A couple of months of auto campaigns will help in harvesting a good bunch of keywords to start manual

4. Seed keywords in your content. The skill is as much of how you seed keywords in your content as it is of how you bid for those keywords. Write everything that describes your product and its category. You never know which word will bring the customer to your page.

5. Be truthful in terms of seed keywords. Keywords that do not stand for your product may bring the customer to your page but will not make them buy your product as that is not what they are searching for. This generally results in high spending with no sales.

6. The title is the first priority for keywords. followed by bullet points. Seed keywords in the back panel too and fill all the additional information points as Amazon use all this information for displaying products for a particular search request.

7. Run auto campaigns at the Amazon Standard Identification Number level. Every product is different and hence gathers its own search keywords. Run group level campaigns for child ASINs within a Parent ASIN. This practice results in a high spend to start but quickly gives keywords that are specific to every ASIN. It also gives a very fair indication of which ASINs are likely to do well.

8. Start any campaign with low bids and gradually up the bids till you start hitting the jackpot. Before you start the campaigns, put down a budget for the spend. Do not expect great results on day one and Return Of Investment or Advertising Cost Of Sales at it is know is going to be high to start, but it gradually cools off. Keep monitoring your spending against your budgets.

9. Use negative keywords wisely. These keywords are not applicable to your product. These are like block keywords. Hand the list of these keywords to Amazon so that Amazon does not show your
product in case these keywords are used in any search result. It helps in saving the spending and increasing the ROI.

10. If you are getting impressions but no clicks, please check your pricing with respect to competition. The chances are the products displayed around your product are lesser priced.

11. If you are getting impressions and clicks but no sales, please check your content. You have the right ads and most probably good pricing but you are not able to offer to the customer what they are looking for or maybe you have not mentioned that in your content making them unsure of

12. Campaigns are like kids, they need constant attention. Unattended campaigns can result in disastrous results with spending far outstripping the revenue. Check your campaigns every 6 hours every day. Campaigns behave differently at different time frames and these patterns have to be noted for further fine-tuning.

13. Campaigns mature over time. Those not performing well need to be closed and those giving good ROI need to be maintained. It is just not possible for campaigns to keep performing consistently forever.

Competition pricing, change in customer taste, aggressive Bids by other sellers on the same keywords result in campaigns losing their consistency.

14. Finally, you cannot use campaigns to take traffic out of Amazon to may your own website. Amazon Marketing Services is meant for sales on Amazon.

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Final Words:

Running campaigns on Amazon is a fairly complex process and is developed as a good tool for driving sales through consistent efforts. Further, you can also make use of Social Media platforms like FacebookLinkedin and Instagram to drive traffic to Amazon.

Please feel free to get in touch with 99yrs for a more detail discussion on how to build great ROI using Amazon Marketing Services.

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