Online shopping is growing exponentially, and brands need to look out how Amazon fits in their business structure. A few years ago, the Amazon eCommerce platform was barely used by major brands of the world, but, today, it has become an ultimate growth and revenue opportunity for businesses worldwide.     

Amazon helps you to attract buyers. Being the world’s largest eCommerce platform, Amazon drives massive traffic to your product listing. The traffic is a pool of buyers and it all depends upon the product listing whether a visitor is ready to buy your product. These buyers checkout everything from quality, material, cost of the products, offers, credibility, and the traffic already possess purchasing mind-set. 

Of course, in order to convert the prospects into customers, you need to make sure that your product listings are prepared by following the ways mentioned below.

amazon branding

1. Know product packaging as the face of a product:

product packaging
Product Packaging

Yes, creating a product page and optimizing the same on Amazon is one of the tactics you can use to generate more traffic. But do you wish to know a hidden secret to win those five rating stars on Amazon eCommerce Platform? 

Amazon Package
Amazon Package

Perfect Packaging can earn you those five stars rating. Delight your customers with perfect product packaging that improves the customer experience. Ensure to follow specific packaging guidelines and quality standards by Amazon. When a customer can get exactly what he has seen online, he trusts the brand and its product. These tips will surely attract customers and will help you to retain them for a longer time.

2. High Customer engagement in Amazon Product page:

Customer Feedback
Customer Feedback

Once you are all set with optimizing all the product pages, gradually the traffic on your product page increases. Hence, there are possibilities they will buy the product. After the product is purchased, you can encourage customers to put genuine reviews. The review is indeed a great tool to build customers’ trust.  More reviews the more trusted a brand is. 

As per the study, 78% of visitors decide to purchase from reviews. Moreover, add social media links on the product pages along with flexible pricing options. These hacks will surely amplify your brand on the Amazon eCommerce platform.

Ex: Adidas, the prominent global shoe brand, has listed its products on Amazon.com. It has clear descriptions and clean shoes images that give curiosity to the readers and ultimately they are convinced to buy the product.

Adidas Product Listing
Adidas Product Listing

3. Content should fulfill the customers’ needs:

User-generated content can go a long way. In order to build an effective branding on Amazon eCommerce platformit is vital to study and understand your target audience. Understand their needs; understand their wants and this can help you to perform well. While describing the products, ensure you share each and every specification, the feature of the products. This also includes weight, raw material source, manufacturing process, ingredients used and steps to use the product. 

Also, you can identify and feed the “keywords”, mostly used by customers, in content using the “search report” and boost the traffic.

You can also solve their queries in the reviews section. No matter how tricky they are, answer their question in the review section and FAQs.

4. Ride Your Brand on the Brand Equity of Amazon:

Customers view the Amazon eCommerce platform as a one-stop-shop to buy all the essential goods. With an enormous marketplace at their fingertips, buyers know that everything is available to them. This is where you can take advantage of and prepare the product page that speaks volumes. Give customers a clear understanding of what they are actually looking for using images and descriptive content. Images must allow them to know how your product fulfills their day-to-day needs. 

Fortunately, Amazon understands and analyses customer needs and hence, offers tools to simplify transactions. These tools include Brand Stores, where consumers can shop from a single Amazon Storefront.

amazon storepage
Amazon Storepage

The next tool is Enhanced Content where your products and content are presented in an enhanced way. They help a brand to create a story, upload refined images, videos and create FAQs.  The next tool is Detail Page images where a brand can have maximum control over images and product information.

5. Create winning Amazon Store-pages and optimize the content: 

Amazon storefront
Amazon Storefront

Your images and content description must be leveraged accurately in order to create a strong cohesive message and a unified customer experience. This can create an effective communication channel for the traffic on the Amazon eCommerce Platform. Once you are done with coupling content and images, it’s time to optimize them. 

Add auxiliary images along with main images and also add additional features for a positive buyer experience. Add proper product title, bullet points, and accurate product description. Optimizing the content will drive more traffic to the page and you can fetch traffic from different social media platforms to your Storefront page.

6. Develop the Messaging Mix: 

Messaging Mix
Messaging Mix

After performing several activities to boost up your brand on Amazon, focus on product message and brand message. Product Messaging and Brand Messaging are distinct and hence, treated independently. Product Messaging is focused solely on products where you can describe the main reasons why to buy the products. Brand messaging is communicating about the actual “Brand” or story of the brand. Communicate the key elements of a brand by developing value and brand aesthetic. The brand message is important to boost brand on as well as off-page of Amazon. This is an effective way to power up your Amazon Branding.

Final Words:

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