With approximately 325 million active users, Pinterest is an ever-growing social media platform just like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter and so is Pinterest Advertising. It has emerged as one of the most powerful social media platforms to perform branding and marketing activities. It has a million users worldwide that discover various product pins each day and brands can take optimum advantage to run the ad campaigns smartly. 

Pinterest has smart advertisement capabilities for brands. These impeccable capabilities and functionalities of Pinterest marketing help brands to strengthen the relationship with customers. 

In this guide, we will dive into Pinterest Ads that every brand should know everything targeting, creative, campaign types, and some strategies from the experts. 

Important points you should focus to sell on Pinterest:

  • Since the last decade, Pinterest has become one of the most popular online gathering places for seeking interior ideas, gift ideas, general motivation, Do-It-Yourself project activities, and lots more. 
  • Moreover, Pinterest has a ton of advanced business features and functionalities like product feed and native checkout much more vital tools to carry out marketing activities.
  • Remember, Pinterest is specially designed to promote and encourage products and creative ideas.
  • As per social media research, there are 292+ billion Pinterest users worldwide till date.

Brands need to consider the diversified use of social media platforms, usually known as the social media mix. Brands who are already advertising their products on Facebook, TwitterLinkedIn, and Instagram need to understand that there are innumerable advantages in using other social media too. Pinterest is indeed one of them and Pinterest ads are effective. 

Effective Ways to advertise on Pinterest: (Pinterest Advertising)

Pinterest Ads
Pinterest Ads

As mentioned earlier, Pinterest is one of the emerging social media for marketing products, and with Pinterest, a brand can reach a million new audiences. But how to get started? This is the main challenge. 

Advertising on Pinterest (Pinterest Marketing) is much easier than ever provided you make use of proper keywords, product descriptions, and images.

set your campaign
set your campaign

Using Pinterest Ads Manager is just easy and self-service. This means creating an ad campaign in just a few minutes. 

Simple steps to create a smart Pinterest ad campaign:

  1. Make use of the Pinterest Ad portal and create your account
  2. Create a new ad from the Pinterest Ads Manager
  3. Set the specific goal for the campaign (Remember, the more specific goal will bring specific results)
  4. Enter specific ad group details
  5. Select the targeting
  6. Choose your ideal budget and schedule as well 
  7. Select a suitable pin (buyable, rich or promoted pins)

Use Pins
Use Pins

What are the types of Pinterest Ads? 

Pinterest makes use of unique Pin systems which can be saved and reviewed later on. A brand can make pins of the products and make use of the same to attract more customers from all over the world. 

Pinterest Ad
Pinterest Ad

Moreover, Pinterest (Pinterest Advertising) uses relevant keywords and hashtags for the pins which create interest in the minds of customers. 

  • Promoted Pins: Pinterest Promoted Pins (Pinterest Pins) send your products and detail to customers who save them. Brands can use Promoted Pins  to:
  • Increase Brand Awareness
  • Promote the Engagement Campaigns
  • Drive traffic campaigns
  • App Campaigns
  • Video awareness campaigns
Promoted Ad
Promoted Ad

Further, you can surely experiment with multiple ad formats such as:

  • Promoted Video Pins: These ads use extensive videos to promote products and grab users’ attention. These videos appear in feeds and search results and also in the more likes section. 
  • Promoted Carousels: Swipe up ads with multiple beautiful images that appear in a slideshow. 
  • Promoted App Pins: These ads help a user to easily download the app from Pinterest itself. 
  • Rich Pins: Rich Pins are divided into multiple categories depending upon the metadata such as Product, Recipe, and Article they are linked too. 
  • Buyable Pins: These pins streamline the purchase process for customers who browse your Pinterest ads. These ads allow them to buy directly from retailers.

Buyable Pins
Buyable Pins
  • Pinterest Shopping Ads, Product Feeds & Catalogs: Brands can create Shopping Ads by smartly retargeting audiences with the use of Catalogs and Product Feeds on Pinterest. Dynamic Product Ads (Pinterest Advertising) can help a brand to retarget customers with the help of creative catalogues.
dynamic ads
Dynamic Ads


Pinterest Advertising or Pinterest Marketing has lots more to explore like targeting and retargeting procedures. However, it is one of the most viable marketing platforms a brand can ever use to increase genuine traffic and product sales respectively. Moreover, it helps a brand to discover new techniques to display and market their products. 

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