The biggest marketing failure of any organization is trying to aim to please everyone, and the output of such a marketing strategy turns out bad, and expensive. So, to develop an effective marketing strategy, we must focus on the right people who are most likely to buy our products. Identifying a group of people who would be interested in our products is called the target audience, which helps us to earn more, spend less, and add brand value.

Identifying Target Audience

On a general level, identifying the target audience is simple. But, to obtain a specific target audience, we need to analyze it further using demographic information.

For example, for a Woman Apparel Brand, at a general level, their target audiences are women, which is simple. But, after using demographic information like age, income, location, and size, the Apparel Company obtains a specific group of people whom they can target and convert into customers.

Understanding the Target Audience

After identifying your target audience, the next step is to understand your target audience. According to research, around 4 out of every 5, marketers consider understanding your target audience is essential. Understanding and knowing your targeted audience helps you to make your marketing efforts focused and productive.

Buyers Persona

To know your audience, you need to build a Buyers persona. A Buyers persona is a collection of information about your audience’s interest, hobbies, beliefs, values, gender, age, social media platforms they use, occupation, income, and much more. This persona defined helps you in making crucial future decisions about the company like whether or not to launch the new marketing campaign, which new products to add, adding tips and tricks on our website as most of the audience has an interest in it, etc.

Facebook Audience Insight

Nowadays, Facebook audience insight is one of the most popular tools to understand your target audience, as it has aggregated information of all the Facebook users. Facebook audience insights provide us with information like user demographics, what they like, user’s social life, and so on. This information helps you to acquire knowledge about the audiences that matter to your business.

Let us see how helpful Facebook audience insights could be for the above-discussed example on a woman apparel brand.

Firstly, we need to create our audience in audience insights by selecting a few things like location, age, and interest. And then it displays us the result of our target audience and information related to them. By studying the above images, we understand that:

  • We can target 150 million people in the USA.
  • Men and Women from age 18 to 44 years show more interest in shopping for woman clothes online compared to others.
  • People with relationship status, Married, and single show more interest compared to the rest.
  • It gives details like educational level, profession, job title, etc.

This information provided by Facebook audience insight could be helpful to the company while finalizing important decisions like publishing a new ad, redefining the brand’s logo or tagline, location for opening a new store, and much more. Apart from that, this information also helps you in choosing the targeted audience wisely while creating a Facebook Ad for our brand promotion.

Case Study: How Facebook audience insight proved beneficial for Vodafone Play

Vodafone being a telecom company has launched a new video streaming Application ‘Vodafone Play’ and wanted to increase the App installs. In September 2019, Vodafone launched a Facebook Ad campaign with a goal of Application awareness and an increase in app installation. Vodafone measured its ad campaign performance and improvised its targeted audience by comparing their behavior and response to the ad, which resulted in more views, registration, and installation of the App. Vodafone Play could lift its App installation by 43%, registration by 38%, and content view by 42% by using a comprehensive approach to the target audience with the help of Facebook audience insight.

Final Words

Facebook audience insight is fascinating and informative, which helps you to learn in-depth about your audiences. It’s a powerful marketing tool used to drive traffic.

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