Amazon’s extravaganza Prime Day surely excites millions of shoppers across the globe. Why not? Prime Day brings blissful carts in masses. It means these special days bring thrilling discounts, offers and promo sales on various product categories. It’s the best time to bring home all the wish list goodies you have ever thought to purchase. Shop More, Save More. From toys to electronics to home accessories, grab it all.

Prime Day
Prime Day

Numerous brands are leveraging the massive audience attention to increase their sales incredibly on these special days. Amazon Prime Days 2020 will initiate from October 13. This delay was caused due to COVID-19 pandemic where Amazon prioritized supplying essential items across the globe. 

Nevertheless, this will be a fantastic opportunity for brands to gain massive sales. Prime Day is the second-largest and important shopping day of the year in the US right after Black Friday and Cyber Monday. However, this being exclusively available to Amazon Prime Shoppers, anybody can take advantage of shopping a tonne on this special day. 

Suit Up For Amazon Prime Day:

Both days are the most active selling and most competitive days and these are pinned up for both retailers, brands and e-tailers. All credits go to the magnificent and gigantic shoppers just looking out to grab great deals on their ideal products. 

By gazing at these movements, it’s easy to lose yourself in the crazy aura of the special shopping days. But, it’s also possible to miss out on the huge pie of profits when you do not follow the right procedure. Further, it seems harder but competing with millions of sellers can be a possible task with these 10 cool tips to rock on Amazon Prime Days. 

1.Prepare in Advance: 

Just like a test paper, you need to make a thorough study before jumping into this opportunity. There’s never enough time to promote your products on Black Friday or Amazon Prime Days. If you have started it now, at the end moment, then you should strongly focus on revamping and redecorating your products lists on Amazon. 

Wait, it doesn’t mean you should change everything already mentioned. Add super attractive text or image in the listing that can attract any kind of customer. Sounds good? Indeed. Next step is your Social Media. Be it Twitter, YouTube, Instagram or Facebook, just rock the floors. Make it viral in an extremely creative way. Social media paid ad campaigns, content marketing go a long way in raising brand awareness. Offer them the early bird, be it any time of performing the pre-marketing activities. 

2.Become a Prime Seller: 

Now is the perfect time to join the “Prime Seller” community. Why? Well, everything you do here has an added benefit to it. By becoming a Prime Seller during this time, shoppers who are searching for quick delivery of their products will be able to see your products as you will get unlimited immediate delivery options. Moreover, you are able to secure your prime Badge that directly increases your visibility and shows higher search results.

3.Get your Inventory ready:

As you know, when the sale hits, massive people come in to buy their favourite products. Likewise, demand increases significantly and you have to ensure that you have all the right inventory ready just before Prime Day. 

Amazon FBA
Amazon FBA

If you find hassles in managing these tasks, you can leave it to FBA i.e. Fulfillment by Amazon. FBA will take care of your products and inventory on Prime Sale Days. 

4. Keep an eye on Product Listing: 

Prime Day shoppers are highly experienced and they are well aware that all products they need may not be included in the Prime Day sales. Also, customers fill up their carts with a variety of products. 

Focusing on this, make sure your product gains significant visibility in searches. For this, you need to include a general and simple product description of your products and also make a simple title. Even if it’s a new brand, your product might hit sales with extreme simplicity. 

5. Make use of bullet points:

Bullet points are easy to read and remember. Make sure to use them more frequently in your product specification. Highlight all the vital features, key attributes and benefits of your products. 

Bullet Points on Amazon
Bullet Points on Amazon

This is the special reason why Amazon places the customer buy-box just near the bullet points. Remember, it’s the selling that you want to make and bullet points can surely close those deals for you. 

6. Participate in Amazon Prime Day Lightning Deals: 

The main motto behind conducting Amazon Prime Day is to offer attractive deals to Prime customers on popular products. If you want to hit the deal, you need to have quality products, genuine customer reviews (at least three-rating or higher). Further, lessen the prices or give cool discounts as ultimately costs matter to the majority of sale shoppers. 

7. Use Enhanced Brand Content:

Register your brand with Amazon and unlock a number of Amazon Marketing Service Tools for you. But how? Let’s dive deeper into this. Also commonly known as A+ Content, Enhanced content is one of the smartest ways to improve brand visibility. 

A+ Content
A+ Content

Make customized content in the product listing and polish your Amazon seller accounts with numerous images, details and other elements. Again, as discussed earlier, you must make simple bullets to explain the brand and its products. 

8. Keep an Eye on COVID situations:

As we know, we are stuck in this disturbing situation of COVID-19, as a brand owner and prime seller, you should always be alert. There are still many restrictions across different states and here, you need to focus on international limitations. Supply chain and operations can be affected and delivery days can fluctuate. So, make reasonable delivery promises to the buyer. 

9. Use Amazon PPC:

We have mentioned social media ads, but as an Amazon Prime Seller, take utmost advantage of Amazon PPC. Make use of headline search ads, product display or sponsored product ads. This can further help you grab tremendous deals. This is so amazing, isn’t it?

Amazon PPC
Amazon PPC

10.Bump up your sponsored ad spend: 

Prime days of shopping arrive only twice or thrice a year. So, it’s time to hit the iron when it’s hot. Revamp and expand your budget limits as it will only help you in the end. Make sure to pick the right keywords and search terms with the highest volume related to your “Products”. 

Yes, relevancy is the key to success in Amazon SEO. Relevant keywords make your sales a cakewalk journey. Also, provide delightful coupons, discounts and offers. 


These are indeed some Amazon Prime Day sales-boosting tips that can help your brand make a whopping million-dollar revenue. With interesting deals and offers also, you can attract more shoppers. Shoppers have already shortlisted their desired purchase products. Make sure they shortlist your brand. This is an enormous opportunity to give great deals and a good start for newbie brands on Amazon. Optimize and keep it as simple as possible. 

Make intensive research, planning and execute the planning strategy to win the Prime Day battle. From optimizing the Amazon PPC Campaign to creating enhanced product pages to handling social media for creating a buzz around, 99 YRS can assist you to build up your brand with 360 degree global eCommerce marketing solutions

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