Ecommerce Marketing Services

Performance campaigns on amazon ppc & amazon listing optimization

99 Yrs Amazon PPC

You have seen lots of Amazon ads almost everywhere, but you don’t know exactly what Amazon PPC advertising is? Amazon Marketing Services are used by many businesses to boost their sales and marketing process.

Advertising on Amazon is a powerful way to profitably grow sales performance. More importantly, having the knowledge, technology, and resources to diligently manage and optimize ad performance is key to sustaining long-term profitability.

  • Full management of Sponsored Products campaigns across the entire product catalog
  • Implementation of bid management technology to scale product-level bidding
  • Keyword/search term harvesting from automatic Sponsored Products campaigns
  • Vetting and implementation of off-Amazon traffic generation opportunities
  • Comprehensive advertising reporting
  • Gold Box/Lightning Deals
  • Amazon Marketing Services (AMS) campaigns

Amazon Marketing Services offers effective tools to stand out and innumerable benefits like it gives sellers and brand marketers a direct chance to get their products in front of the prospects of eCommerce consulting firms or brand marketers get the chance to individually target product pages. Making an effective Amazon Marketing Strategy is all you need.

Listing Optimisation 99Yrs

Wish your products to rank higher on the Amazon search result? Improve the ranking as well as significantly grow your traffic with product listing optimization. Ensure to select the best eCommerce consultant that helps you to do so. Improve your rank with Amazon Search Engine Optimization (SEO). 

Amazon Listing Optimization is focused on maximizing the keyword ranking o help a brand achieve higher sales as well as conversions. With the increase of customer conversion rate, a brand can achieve two things for the business and listing:

  • Increased sales lead to more traffic: Amazon rewards the listings that are gaining success to convert maximum customers. The best listings get a higher rank on Amazon search results and gets visible in front of maximum visitors.
  • Optimized listings lead to growth in sales and revenue: Better content leads to higher sales, revenue and conversions. Amazon Listing Optimization is a necessity to gain higher results. 

Unpacking which search terms are most valuable to a seller’s business as well as monitoring and increasing product discoverability is a core aspect of long-term growth on Amazon.

  • Organic listing rank tracking
  • Product content/title analysis and enhancement recommendations
  • Reorganization of product catalog structure to tune for product discoverability
  • New Brand Registry program execution

Campaign at social media level

Align Facebook and Instagram with Your Ecommerce Strategy

We at 99YRS understand that Social Media is a 360-degree market opportunity for retail brands—these channels can be applied to every stage of the e-commerce conversion funnel.

Many brands still struggle to understand how to allocate budget, apply resources, and implement a full-funnel strategy that takes advantage of the opportunities available with Social Media advertising.

Our Social Media Performance Marketing program diagnoses and executes on ad strategies that align Social Media with your unique business objectives.

  • Launch Your Customized Strategy
  • Growing Your Audience Size & Profitability
  • Executing on Day-to-Day Account Management

We Leverage Social Media to Address 4 Key Business Objectives

Brand Awareness

Increasing market share by reaching new audiences


Creating net new site visitors, email signups, and first-time purchasers

Customer Activation

Turning browsers and one-time purchasers into repeat buyers


Driving up CLTV and customer loyalty

Brand promotion and strategy

Brand building happens to be key objective of many sellers and understanding certain pointers regarding the same is as critical as selling the products.

  1. Study Competitors listings for Content
  2. Study Competitors SKU’s for features and pricing
  3. Plan and build a keyword library that is utilized for bidding.
  4. Initiate newer marketplaces
  5. Suggest and Conceptualize newer content features such as videos
  6. Generate Merchandise level feedback