99 YRS is a performance based e-commerce marketing and digital marketing agency with over 300+ clients across 11+ countries. Focus on scalable growth and unlock your e-commerce potential with the help of 99Yrs Network LLP. We are glad to be your partner for multiple needs.

Our e-commerce digital marketing agency includes services like:

1. e-commerce Account Management

Our e-Commerce account management takes care of:

  • Panel creation
  • Inventory and demand planning – so that we never run out of stock, order management – managing and fulfilling all the online orders
  • Customer management –  to manage customers contact information, purchasing behavior and other analytics data
  • Product Listing Optimization – We help to improve your rank with Amazon Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Data Analysis and Consulting – To accelerate business insights and ensure procedural excellence

2. Marketplace Ad Management –

  • Amazon Pay Per Click (PPC) – Advertising on Amazon can help increase sales and marketing performance effectively
  • Walmart and other market places

3. Content Management

Our Content Management services include:

  • A+ Content
  • Amazon Storefront
  • Blogs
  • User reviews/ comments
  • Expert reviews
  • Buying guides

4. Professional Product Photography/ Videography

This includes professional photoshoots and videography of various products to build a firm connection with the customers

5. Social Media Marketing

Here we create engagement strategies, plan campaign rollouts, coordinate outreach, measure outcomes and create real-world results