About Us

99 YRS

During the last ten years, ecommerce in India has grown at an explosive
rate. Wherever you see, people are shopping on their phones and devices.
Shopping online is not only convenient but is also attractive because of
the plethora of offers that abound.

This boom in ecommerce has also led to a demand for experts who can
facilitate and add value to the industry. While there are many such
providers who make various claims, very few can pass rigorous scrutiny.

99yrs, a ISO company is one that can withstand an intense examination.

We are a team of professionals who are not only engineering graduates but are also vastly experienced in the ecommerce business. Established in XXXX, we have carved a unique reputation for ourselves for being performance driven. We sincerely believe that our growth is directly dependent on the client’s growth.

Our staff includes high level executives who have worked with e commerce giants like Amazon.

We pride ourselves on our innovative approach and 360 degree service enablement and we offer a spectrum of services including operational know-how, strategy, creative and business expertise.

Our Vision

Our vision is to play a role at the global level in enabling cross border digital commerce and we are proud to say that we are all geared to undertake this challenging but exciting journey.