One-third of the online scrolling time is spent watching videos. We create ways to build a connection with the customers through videos

Here are three major focuses which 99yrs achieve through:

  • Illustrate the products through the videos.
  • Share the proficiency of the product
  • Tell the brands story

Video editing –
Editing of product videos, storyboard videos, time-lapse videos, and stop motion videos is done by us.

Retouching –
Product, fashion, fashion accessories, and Jewelry retouching are all covered. Retouching involves cleaning of dust, marks, creases, and other blemishes on the product images. Correcting the skin tones & postures, replacing moles and tattoos from the skin of the model given fashion all form part of this service. Background changing for creating the marketplace listing page of the merchandise is additionally taken care of under retouching.

Color correction –
Matching product color with that of the image is a critical aspect of any color correction job. The same is done through the color palette or by physically comparing the product with the product. Synchronization of the colors across various images of the same product does undertake to provide uniformity.

Clipping Path –
A clipping path provides along with background removal as per client specifications. Clipping Path executes with different types of effects.